Is Kundli Matching Necessary For Love Marriage?

Worldwide adherents of Vedic culture have the belief that before considering a marriage partnership, an astrologer should match the kundli matching of the potential pair. The future of the bride and the groom is predicted using birth charts and planetary alignments in a traditional Kundli matching for marriage. Eight factors, including happiness, fertility, and lifespan, are checked for Kundli compatibility.

In kundali matching, the potential bride’s star charts are examined by the astrologer, and specific components are examined and combined to assess their overall influence by the groom. Eight categories are often matched in kundli matching for marriage. Those are

  1. Varna Koota (social matching)
  2. Vasya Koota (control, amenability)
  3. Dina Koota (health, family happiness)
  4. Yoni Koota (sexual attraction)
  5. Graha Maitram (mental affection)
  6. Gana Koota (character matching)
  7. Rashi Koota (several general indications)
  8. Nadi Koota (physiological matching, offspring).

Importance of kundali matching/Kundli Milan

When it comes to marriage, free Kundali matching, also known as Kundali Milan, is crucial. For long-term stability and happiness, Indian culture places a high value on online kundali matching and advises everyone to make sure the birth charts of the bride and groom match before marriage. Most of the time, individuals focus solely on “gunas” and reach a final compatibility determination.

However, there are a lot of other aspects, including 8 major and a few minor ones, which are crucial to Janam Kundli Milan.

Impact Of High Score in Kundli Matching for Love Marriage


The impact of a high score in Kundli matching on love marriages can vary depending on individual beliefs and cultural backgrounds. Here are some points to consider regarding the impact of a high Kundli matching score in the context of a love marriage:

1. Increased Confidence: A high Kundli matching score can boost the confidence of the couple and their families in the compatibility of the individuals, potentially reducing doubts and concerns.

2. Family Acceptance: In cultures where Kundli matching is important, a high score can make it easier for families to accept the love marriage, as it provides a sense of assurance regarding the couple’s compatibility.

3. Reduction of Superstitions: Some people may believe that a high Kundli matching score can help reduce potential negative influences or astrological concerns, making them more comfortable with the love marriage.

4. Conflict Resolution: A high Kundli matching score might imply fewer potential areas of conflict in the future, leading to a more harmonious marital life.

5. Social Support: In societies where Kundli matching is highly regarded, a high score can garner greater social support and approval for the love marriage, which can be crucial for the couple’s emotional well-being.

6. Respect for Tradition: In cultures where Kundli matching is a long-standing tradition, a high score can demonstrate respect for cultural values and traditions, which can be appreciated by the couple’s families and communities.

What impact a low kundli matching score can have on your love life after marriage?


1. Independence: A low Kundli matching score may indicate that you and your partner are more independent and less influenced by traditional astrological beliefs, allowing you to make your own choices in marriage.

2. Freedom of Choice: You have the freedom to marry the person you love without being bound by astrological constraints, which can lead to a more fulfilling love life based on personal feelings and compatibility.

3. Adaptability: Couples with a low Kundli matching score may develop strong communication and adaptability skills, as they may need to navigate differences and challenges more effectively.

4. Personal Growth: The challenges posed by a low Kundli matching score can lead to personal growth, resilience, and the opportunity to build a strong and unique bond with your partner.


1. Family Opposition: In cultures where Kundali matching is highly regarded, a low score can lead to significant opposition and disapproval from families and communities, which can strain family relationships and create stress.

2. Insecurity and Doubt: Some individuals may feel insecure or have doubts about their marriage due to a low Kundli matching score, potentially affecting their emotional well-being and relationship dynamics.

4. Conflict Potential: A low score may indicate potential areas of incompatibility that could lead to conflicts and challenges in the marriage if not addressed effectively.

5. Cultural Tensions: A low score can lead to cultural tensions between partners who may have different beliefs and attitudes towards astrology and tradition.

It’s essential to remember that the impact of a low Kundli matching score on a love marriage is subjective and depends on individual perspectives and circumstances. While some may view it as an obstacle to overcome, others may not consider it a significant factor in their relationship. Ultimately, the success of a love marriage depends on the love, understanding, and efforts of the partners involved, regardless of the Kundli matching score.

What if he/she has a poor Kundli match but still wants to marry their loved ones?

if you and your partner have survived more than one difficult period together. You’ll have the belief and be able to respond to all problems together.

If your primary goal in life is to find marital joy or marital sukha, this is an unachievable pursuit for you. Vedic astrology states that understanding marriage and having positive past karma are necessary for experiencing true marital pleasure.

How to bring your love life in harmony with the kundli matching score?

1. To bring your love life in harmony with the Kundli matching score, consider obtaining an online Kundli or Janam Kundali based on your date of birth.

2. Start by analyzing the Kundali by date of birth for both partners to gain insights into astrological compatibility.

3. Seek guidance from a knowledgeable astrologer who can provide a complete analysis of the Kundlis and suggest remedies or adjustments to enhance harmony.

4. Hold open communication with your partner to discuss any potential areas of concern indicated by the Kundli matching score.

5. Keep in mind that while Kundli matching can offer insights, it’s essential to focus on building trust, understanding, and emotional connection in your relationship.

6. Explore astrology-based rituals or remedies suggested by the astrologer to strengthen your love life and create a more balanced and harmonious relationship.

7. Remember that love and compatibility are not solely determined by astrological factors, and your efforts to nurture your relationship can play a significant role in achieving harmony.